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A metric is a custom piece of python code that can be run on a set of tweets or users.

In other words, it is an analysis that is able to

  • tag tweets / users (e.g.: tag all users having a default profile picture. You are later able to select users that were tagged by this metric)
  • generate facts (i.e.: assign properties) for single tweets / users
  • generate facts for the campaign or the selection of tweets or users the metric is run against
  • generate any kind of output, such as: - a network graph - a distribution of dates - a community of users or a set of tweets having some property
  • retrieve further properties of tweets or users from Twitter API

As of now, only a limited set of metrics has been implemented, because the project is in its initial phase.

However, it should be quite simple to extend existing metrics with a little bit of Python.

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